Sunday, 13 November 2011

Perkin Warbeck

Perkin Warbeck - Yorkist Pretender

In 1491 another Yorkist pretender, Perkin Warbeck appeared in Cork, Ireland and announced that he was Richard, duke of York and a claimant for the English throne.  It is important to note that the Irish took little to do with any of these claimants and it was mainly the English colonists who proclaimed both Simnel and Warbeck.

However, the king got to hear of these reports and removed the Earl of Kildare from office in 1491.  King Henry VII decided this warranted his personal intervention to strengthen his royal control. He appointed new men to important offices and appointed Edward Poynings as his deputy. This was a deliberate ploy by Henry to ensure that Perkin Warbeck did not receive too much support in Ireland.

A parliament met at Drogheda in 1494 and lasted for just over three months. At this session, legislation was passed that made the government of Ireland subordinate to the government of England. There were many other acts passed during this parliamentary session but it will be best known for the ninth act, which is now known as Poyning's Law.