Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lambert Simnel

Lambert Simnel - Young Pretender in Ireland

The accession in 1485 of Henry VII who was a Lancastrian was a great triumph for that party.  The main offices in Ireland were all held by Geraldines but Henry knew he could not govern Ireland without their aid and so let them remain in power.

In 1487 a young Yorkist pretender Lambert Simnel arrived in Ireland and was crowned Edward VI of England with the full backing of the Irish Lords. Fitzgerald's brother accompanied Simnel along with their army to England and met with defeat at Stoke in England.

Lambert Simnel was imprisoned.  Realising their mistake the Kildare and the other nobles sought the king’s pardon and he sent across Sir Roger Edgecombe to renew oaths of allegiance.  The following year the earls were invited to a dinner party in England and one of those serving the meal was none other than Lambert Simnel, the young pretender.

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