Saturday, 12 November 2011

Iron Age Ireland and The Celts For Kids

The Iron Age in Ireland 

The Bronze Age ended as the Iron Age Ireland was introduced which happened in the sixth century BC. What is interesting is that this knowledge of iron-working reached Britain around 800 BC, and yet there is very little evidence of the use of iron in Ireland.

Some metal objects have been found but mainly in rivers and lakes and this makes them impossible to date with any degree of certainty.Celtic speaking people existed in Europe and it seems pretty clear that they also came to and lived in Ireland.

It can not however be assumed that they are directly responsible for the introduction of the metal iron into Ireland. In fact the transition from Bronze Age to the Iron Age In Ireland was very much a transitional one and in truth not a great deal is actually known about it.

It is important to note that the Romans never came to Ireland and may explain many of the cultural differences and also a gap in technology.

It is important to read the Celts in Ireland article to fully understand the Iron Age in Ireland.