Saturday, 12 November 2011

Brian Boru Ireland's Warrior King

Brian Boru King of Ireland

Brian Boru in Ireland is regarded as the greatest of Ireland's high-kings and was born in AD 941. His older brother Malachi succeeded to the throne of Munster, and when he was killed by treacherous means.

Brian in the Battle of Belach Lechta became the undisputed King of Munster. Having established dominance there he gradually gained influence across Ireland, using a mixture of diplomacy and outright warfare. By 1044, when he was 70, Boru fought in a battle which completely defeated the Danes.

Brian Boru Ireland
This united the warring clans and for the first time ever, all of Ireland was unified under a single leader. In essence he became the first Ard-Ri, the first who was brave and strong enough to defeat the Vikings.

However as has seemed to be the case with Ireland, the clans from Dublin and Leinster rebelled, and resulted in another battle. In this he finally met his death at the “Battle of Clontarf,”

On Good Friday, 23rd April 1014. It was a bloody and brutal affair and even though his army won the day, all traces of his blood line had been wiped out. T

The body of Brian Boru was brought to Armagh and left in wake for 12 days before being buried in a new tomb.  The Battle of Clontarf meant that the Vikings no longer represented a major challenge to Gaelic Ireland.

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